Micah Yerk & Kenneth Germann

The Premier Choice for Cape May Real Estate


Micah is a local boy – born and raised in Cape May, he has seen this unique area change, grow, and evolve as its appeal has expanded throughout the years. Although Micah has spent time away to pursue other endeavors like his education and career opportunities, Cape May has always been close to his heart. He met his wife, Bryce, also a Cape May original, and they have now returned to their native community to raise their young family and to enjoy the magical town they knew growing up.

Micah’s love for Cape May has translated into multiple ventures, managing businesses throughout Cape May, including his time as the General Manager of the Blue Fish Inn on Madison Ave. He has seen Cape May through multiple lenses – from a residential perspective, a commercial perspective, an investment perspective, and especially from a tourism perspective. And now he has taken his knowledge of the area, its nuances, its real estate market, and has coupled that with his experience working with buyers and sellers to help them realize their real estate goals.

Micah lives and breathes Cape May, and his adept marketing skills are the perfect fit for anyone looking to sell in the Cape May area. His proficiency with online marketing platforms and social media strategy are superior.
Most importantly, Micah is invested in the area he calls home. Homestead Real Estate is a family business founded 20 years ago by his wife Bryce’s aunt, Dagmer Chew. Dagmer, an award winning agent and community leader, has served as Micah’s mentor, further sharpening his process expertise, negotiation skills, and market knowledge. Combine this with his vibrant personality, determination, and innovation, and you have yourself a transcendent Real Estate Agent.

How do you top an agent of this caliber? Form a business partnership that services clients with TWO, full time sales agents with complementary skills and abilities. That is why Micah has partnered with real estate stalwart Ken Germann to form the The Cape Team.

Ken has considered Cape May to be his second home since he met his wife Sandy in 1980. Not only did Sandy grow up here, but her family hails back to Cape May’s whaling days in the sixteen hundreds with most of their familial roots still in place today. Sandy, her family, and her friends, have been Ken’s guide in everything Cape May and in 2009 they made it their permanent home.

Ken has been a Real Estate Professional since 2005 and works hard to accomplish his goals. He is a thorough, results orientated leader and an expert facilitator. He has been a professional business manager since 1998 and co-owned a Real Estate Company in Morris County, New Jersey, where he lived for 17 years. Ken is highly motivated, extremely dedicated and is known to be a flexible team player. He is passionate, focused, and ethical. You can count on him to go above and beyond in his efforts to meet the needs of his clients and accomplish their goals.

Ken stands out, not only because of his expertise and willingness to work hard to serve you well, but also because of his ability to be accessible and keep you informed. He is a firm believer in professional development, has taken numerous training and continuing education courses and has earned several Real Estate Designations. Whether you are buying or selling, Ken’s goal is to serve you, his client, with reliability and dedication; professionally managing all the details of a successful transaction.

The Cape Team is here help you reach your goals, founded under the principles of Homestead Real Estate to “surpass our client’s expectations by excelling in Collaboration, Personalized Service, and Creativity”.

Designations & Awards
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